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If you are working under a letter of intent, you are not alone. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands, just like you and do you know what? Every letter is different.

Because your letter is unique, it is vital that you know your entitlements and your obligations, in order that you can manage the risk and maximise your profit.

Frequently asked questions regarding letters of intent include:

    letter of intent to subcontractor
  • Do I have a contract?
  • Am I entitled to be paid?
  • If there is a cap, what is its effect?
  • What can I do if it's been terminated?
  • Can I adjudicate a dispute?
  • Is quantum meruit relevant to me?

We know these are key issues for you and we have many years experience dealing with cases just like this, so we can provide answers tailored to your project and your unique cirumstances.

We can help you in both minimising your risk and maximising your profit. We will review your letter of intent and provide clear, practical advice so that a strategy can be agreed with you for managing your current situation:

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