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Has someone said you have delayed the works? Have they deducted liquidated damages?
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You don't want your business to be in the blame game for delays at the end of a project. By opting out of this blame game, you will protect your cashflow and profitability, ensuring your key staff can be deployed on the next profitable project instead of spending their time looking through old correspondence.

delays for subcontractorsWe understand the delay blame game and we can work with you to eliminate or dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a participant. There are some key measures that you can implement now:

  • Understand your programme obligations under the contract, in particular the start date, duration and completion date.
  • If you cannot proceed with your work due to preceding trades, record the fact with an email.
  • Understand the requirements for submitting applications for extensions of time, as in some circumstances you may lose your entitlement with a late application.
  • If there are other delays being incurred in regard to information or variations, record the fact with an email.
  • Take photographs of your works and their progress.
  • If it becomes evident that you will not complete by the deadline, apply immediately for an extension of time.

If you want to seize the initiative and be ahead of the blame game so you will have better profitability and cashflow then you can - we will work with you to ensure a positive solution for your company:

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