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If you have received a contra charge notice (or a withholding notice) this is bad news. The good news for you is that you are now in the right place to get the right solution for you and your business.

contra charges for subcontractorsContra charges can seriously affect your cashflow and disrupt the smooth running of your business which you have worked hard to create. Don't let this happen - take the initiative now and get the deducted money into your account where it belongs.

Contra charges are deducted for many reasons and can range in value from small to extremely large. Whatever your circumstances, our expertise can work for you in a cost effective way to ensure a successful outcome.

You can protect your cashflow by acting swiftly and robustly. There are a number of key measures you can take now to seize the initiative:

  • Contra charges can only be deducted where a valid withholding notice has been issued, if not, then it must be released - check this first.
  • Make your client aware that you will contest the deduction.
  • Start to prepare your case to demonstrate its strength and that you are entitled to be paid.

Example from our Client Files

We recently had a case where one of our clients had been contra charged £172,000.

However the withholding notice was issued 3 days late. We took the matter to adjudication, our client won the case and received the money which was due.

This expertise can work for you too.

Send us an email with a brief summary of your situation and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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