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If you have received a notice of adjudication from your client or a subcontractor saying they "intend" to refer a dispute to adjudication, the bad news is they already have. The good news is we are here to help.

The process has now started and the timetable is tight, therefore you need to ACT FAST to protect your business and ensure a satisfactory outcome for you.

In order to get the best result from the adjudication, we will work with you immediately to prepare your case and your defence. So contact us now and let us take the stress and strain of the adjudication - we will burn the midnight oil so you can sleep more easily.

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PS. Some adjudications can be stopped by procedural matters known as jurisdictional challenges. However, this opportunity can be lost if you respond before getting good advice. Call us now to maintain all your advantages.

Example from our Client Files

One of our clients recently had an adjudication against them demanding payment of nearly 1m.

We were appointed, prepared our client's defence and within days of being issued, the adjudication was abandoned by the other party.

This expertise can work for you too.


No-one wants to waste money and incur costs they don't need to, that's why our service is essential for your business. A key aspect of adjudication is that you cannot recover your costs, even when you win your case. Controlling costs and minimising expenditure is therefore critical for you, your cashflow and your profits.

We are confident we can provide you with excellent, expert service and at the most competitive rates:

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